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NITEBEAM X12 High Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight

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Digital Display content as below

When turning on, the digital display screen will show mode number shortly for 1 second, then switch to battery power indicator quickly.

1. Brightness/modes

“6” Mode: Warm white with 2000 Lumens.
“5” Mode: Cold White and Warm white with 8000 Lumens.
“4” Mode: Cold White with 6000 Lumens.
“3” Mode: Cold White with 3000 Lumens.
“2” Mode: Cold White with 1200 Lumens.
“1” Mode: Cold White with 300 Lumens.

2. Digital Display Battery Power lndicator:(9 for full power,1 for low power)

Digital display shows”9″ for 90%-100%
Digital display shows”8″ for 80%-90%
Digital display shows”7″ for 70%-80%
Digital display shows”6″ for 60%-70%
Digital display shows”5″ for 50%-60%
Digital display shows”4″ for 40%-50%
Digital display shows”3″ for 30%-40%
Digital display shows”2″ for 20%-30%
Digital display shows”1″ for 10%-20%
Digital display shows”0″ for 0-10%

Note: When the indiicator displays 1 or less, you need to change batteries or charge this flashlight in time.

Light Source: 9 pieces OSRAM 6500K LEDs and 3 pieces OSRAM 3000K LEDs
Power Source: Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Brightness: 8,000 lumens
Max. runtime: 12 hours
Max. beam distance: 500 meters
Peak beam intensity: 29500CD
Switch: Side switch
Size: 116mm (Length) x 50.4mm (Head Diameter) x 44.5mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 384g(13.6oz) w/ battery

Packing List: Nitebeam X12 Flashlight, User Manual, Portable bag, Lanyard, Packing box

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